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About Gil Smolinski

Gil Smolinski is an entrepreneur and multinational corporate leader. After years of success in the management and launch of various technology companies, Smolinski expanded into the startup industry. He has made significant investments in several successful initiatives in Israel.

Gil Smolinski’s other passion for the past 30 years has been scuba and deep-sea diving. He happily shares his love for exploring the seas with his son, taking the time to teach him about the responsibility incumbent upon divers to protect ocean ecosystems. Smolinski has had the privilege to dive in some of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world, which have also brought him face-to-face with the damage caused by diver negligence, specifically to coral reefs.

Smolinski also makes time to build awareness about this phenomenon among the diving community, stressing the importance of personal responsibility for protecting the environment. He shares vital information about responsible diving not only so that divers can enjoy the stunning sea environment, but so that it will be preserved for future generations. Smolinski is also an avid fan of diving gadgets and eagerly looks forward to trying out the newest diving equipment on the market.

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