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Boost Your Dive Safety and Enjoyment with the Right Regulator

To Rent Gear or to Invest in Gear?

Every diver remembers his or her first dives. They invariably were thrilling and addicting but usually also an inelegant tango with rented gear.

Investing in your own gear is an important step for every diver. Diving with familiar gear that fits your body and your dive parameters increases your dive safety and also enhances your dive experience.

SCUBAPRO – Built by Divers for Divers

SCUBAPRO is an industry leader and has been since it was founded in 1963 by dive legends Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin. Together, they revolutionized the dive gear industry with a commitment to high performance gear that was designed and reliably built for serious divers by serious divers. In 1997, they merged with dive computer manufacturer UWATEC and they continue to design and manufacture high-performance dive gear without compromise.

SCUBAPRO Regulator

SCUBAPRO has a diverse collection of regulators that are engineered by pairing first and second-stage components to specifically suit different diving environments. Each diver has to bear a few things in mind when buying a regulator.

Three Steps to Buying a Dive Regulator

1. Type of diver

What type of diver are you? It is important to consider how your regulator will be used. The best regulator for recreational diving in warm water will not be the best choice for a diver in cold water or for tech diving.

2. Budget

Analyze your budget. You should allocate your funds primarily to the gear that is most critical, such as your regulator and dive computer. SCUBAPRO makes highly rated regulators in all price ranges, which means that you can find one that delivers the performance you need at the price you can manage. Your regulator will be with you through years of diving during which time your skills will advance. If you are a new diver, buy your regulator with an eye towards the future and an improvement in skill level.

3. Fit

When buying gear, we don’t necessarily think of fit when it comes to regulators, but it is as important as a BC. Two things to consider regarding fit:

  1. Your mouthpiece needs to be sized comfortably for your mouth. This will prevent the extra tension caused by the need to bite down to hold it in place or blisters caused by it rubbing your gums uncomfortably.

  2. Consider the length of your hoses. They need to be adequate to fit your body and your BC comfortably while also allowing for buddy breathing if needed. Don’t wear gear with hoses that are too long or you will risk getting tangled.


Protect Your Investment

Smart divers look after their gear. Post-dive-rinse your regulator in freshwater to remove dirt and salt. Give the mouthpiece (second stage) a good swish through the water but do not depress the purge button. Lay it out to dry, loosely coiled, and never do so from the first stage, which will exert pressure on the hoses!

In the past, it was assumed that you would service your regulator annually and this is still a good baseline. However, you will also need to consider company directions, which are contingent on the frequency of use.

At the end of the day, at depth, your regulator is your lifeline. Perfect functionality is absolutely critical, so never dive with a regulator that you don’t inherently trust.


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