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Seabob Underwater Scooter (F5S)

Small, beautiful, and fast – the Seabob F5S is an underwater scooter. The name of the company that manufactures the Seabob, Luxury Sea Toys, speaks for itself. The Seabob is truly a luxury, but it’s also a means of transportation and a source of new experiences. And what is life if not a constant search for new experiences?

A Great Yachting & Diving Companion

Whether you’re free diving or snorkeling, planning a long dive or a short swim – it’ll be much more exciting with a Seabob. Steering is very simple: you lie on it and hold on to the steering wheel. You have all the necessary indicators right in front of your eyes; you control your underwater stallion using the steering wheel and determine the depth of the dive by shifting your body weight. With the Seabob you can dive to a depth of 40 meters, so whether you want to jet over beautiful corals in shallow water or take your diving equipment and go deep down, it’ll always be your reliable companion. Unlike a car, motorcycle, or bicycle, the Seabob allows its driver to safely let go of the steering wheel – it’ll simply stop and hover in the water, keeping you afloat. It weighs 64 kg, so you could, in principle, take it on board an aircraft when you go on vacation, and reaches a speed of up to 20 km/h on water, and 14 km/h under water.

Under the Hood

The Seabob operates on the E-Jet Power System, based on the principle of water displacement. The impeller sucks the water in, which is then forced out under high pressure by the jet. Thus, high speed is achieved due to minimal power consumption. This engine is environmentally friendly and doesn’t incur large operating costs, and the ceramic-coated body isn’t exposed to the harmful effects of saltwater.

All important data is displayed on a high-contrast color display directly in the driver’s field of vision. The display has data on speed, power, and battery level, as well as cruising depth and water temperature. The Seabob’s speed is controlled using piezo switches, and two more switches can be configured to control the individual data menu, the content of which is selected by the driver.

Seabob Accessories

Additionally, you can equip the Seabob with cameras – one aimed at the driver and the second aimed ahead. Video can be sent to a mobile device in real time using Wi-Fi, or as files after a fascinating underwater adventure. The list of additional equipment also includes a quick battery charger, a trolley for transporting the Seabob, a special case, a secure wall and floor holding device for Seabob storage, special weights for optimal buoyancy, and a system of straps to help the driver reduce arm muscle fatigue. This way divers can operate the Seabob with one hand while managing diving equipment with the other.

Exciting & Environmentally Friendly Underwater Adventures

I should note that the Seabob operates on lithium-magnesium batteries and runs almost silently. It doesn’t pollute the environment, and the battery can last for an hour to an hour and a half. When using quick charging, you can charge the battery in 110 minutes, while regular charging will take 10 hours.

Riding a Seabob makes you feel as if you’re riding a dolphin. The depth, the speed that makes you feel like you’re flying, the maneuverability – it’s a new dimension that simply can’t be achieved on land. Of course, such weightlessness is due to the high performance of this specific model, but in general, any Seabob is a lot of joy and your ticket to exciting adventures.


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